• We have packages that start at $99 and go up to $1499 depending on if you need a credit score with your CPN Number. If you do require a credit score, those packages start at $699 up to $1499. (see our packages)
  • Once you make your deposit of $250 for your package and fill out your application, we will start your CPN Tri-Merge process.
  • We will email your new CPN with-in 24-48 hours along with your completed public records and CreditKarma login details so you can verify your number is active.
  • After you verify your number, you can make the remaining payment on your package and we will order your Tradelines.
  • Your Tradelines will take 7-15 business days after the Tradelines statement date to post to your file.


“We’ve been in this business for more than 5 years. We started cpngenerator because someone on Craigslist stole $1,700 from us. At the time, we were in desperate need of help. We decided then to give customers the service they deserved and a product that was safe and reliable. Now we have a trusted business with positive reviews, 1(800) business number, secured encrypted website, a physical location and we give all our clients a CreditKarma login to verify what we say. You should do your research, then go with a company that understands your needs and we feel we do that and we’ll work hard to satisfy them.”

Thank, You….

CEO. (circa) 2014

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