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How To Remove Evictions In 30 DAYS OR LESS

Evictions On Your Credit Report

Evictions typically stay on your credit for seven years and they typically appear on your credit one to two months after you've been evicted but it is what it is you have an eviction on your credit report you want to know how to get it off so i personally had an eviction and what i did to get mine removed was, I sent a debt validation letter to the collection agency that bought my um debt or whatever and they did not have the original contract with my signature or any verifying documents that would solidify the reason that i had to pay them in the first place so they can provide any documentation that proves that the debt was mine that proved that they were able to collect on the debt so what they had to do was then cease collection on the account close the account and request to the bureaus to have that account removed.

The Eviction Removal Process


What happened for me okay so the first thing that i know and highly recommend is that you...

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