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Check CPN Number

Check CPN Number

A CPN (Credit Privacy Number or Credit Protection Number) is usually marketed as a solution to bad credit or as a way to keep your Social Security number private. And, it sounds convincing.

Other sources say that celebrities, high-level executives, and government officials use CPNs to protect their Social Security numbers since their identities have many assets attached to them.

The argument seems valid. A CPN will limit the number of people who have access to your Social Security number. And, a new number generated by the Social Security Administration will have no credit history.

If you want to check if your CPN Number is active or can be used as a CPN, go to CPNGenerator.

Protecting Yourself from CPN Scams

This answer is short: the best way to avoid a CPN scam is to not buy a CPN

However, if you purchase a CPN and use it instead of your Social Security number to buy a car or get a loan, you may or may be committing Social Security fraud.

If the CPN number you...

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