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Sell My Tradelines: A Step-By-Step Guide to Selling Your Tradelines

What is Selling Tradelines

I want to share with you how to Sell Your Tradelines. Here's a great Step-By-Step Guide to Selling Your Tradelines. Something that I do to make extra money, this particular activity only takes about an hour of my time a month, and it makes me over a thousand dollars, month in and month out. If you want to get technical here, it’s a thousand-dollars-an-hour side hustle.

What am I talking about? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with my credit cards. And no, this has nothing to do with credit card rewards and points and cash back or anything like that, though of course I love that stuff, I make articles about that stuff all the time, but this is something completely different. What am I talking about? I’m talking about selling tradelines or adding essentially strangers to my credit cards as authorized users every month for extra income to the tune of over fourteen hundred dollars a month, here’s my actual monthly...

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Can You Buy a House with a CPN Number?

Can You Buy a House with a CPN Number?

Yes, you can buy a house very easily with a CPN. A CPN is a special type of credit issued to help people with bad credit or no credit. This is a secured credit card backed by your savings or checking account. A CPN helps you build your credit history and improve your credit score. 

Typically CPN numbers will be used to rent homes because when you try to buy or purchase a home you need so many documents that using a CPN number becomes frivolous. The United States government makes it very hard to get a loan by using a CPA number because of the documentation required by lenders. The best thing to do is use your Social Security number when purchasing a home, CPN numbers are a best served for other credit purposes other than purchasing homes. In most cases around the United States you need to have at least a 580 to 600 FICO score to get approved for a home, CPN numbers make it easy to get that score however when it comes to providing...

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What is a CPN Number and What are People Doing with Them?


Basically a CPN Number stands for credit privacy number – A CPN Number literally is a nine-digit number that can be used in place of your Social Security number on credit documents. Many people refer CPN Numbers to secondary credit numbers (SCN) or credit profile numbers. This is the most known knowledge about CPN Numbers.



Many people while searching and finding CPN Numbers online get excited because they see using a CPN Number as a way to protect their Social Security Number on documents and online applications, but wait! When trying a CPN Number it’s not a smart idea.  According to the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission, there is no legal thing such as a credit privacy number or CPN. 

So because of this, if you use any number other than your real government issued Social Security number on your credit applications and things of that nature, it can be seriously...

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Get A CPN Today | Get Your CPN Number Today


What Is Getting A CPN Today?

Get a cpn today for your personal needs. Getting a CPN Number now is perfect for not waiting weeks. Make sure your CPN number today comes with public records and credit monitoring logins. If you need getting your cpn today or getting your cpn now, you should call at (800)674-7799. 

How To Get A CPN Today

Most people just try to make their own cpn but do not try because it may be done wrong. Instead call a company that does this. This is how to get a cpn today.

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What Are People Really Doing With Cpn Numbers In 2022

A credit privacy number, or CPN, is a nine-digit identifier that looks like a Social Security number. Consumers with bad credit are occasionally sold a CPN as a way to rebuild their credit history. Companies who sell CPNs claim that they can be used instead of a Social Security number on credit applications. Some of the CPNs sold were inactive Social Security numbers that belonged to children. If you fill out a form asking your Social Security number with a CPN, you could unintentionally get involved in identity theft and wind up in prison. You may be asked to obtain a driver's license with a new address, change your phone number, and obtain a new email account, among other things. You'll also have to pay for the digits you'd like to substitute for your actual Social Security number. Such requests should raise a huge red flag.


The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning against companies who sell CPNs in order to provide a new credit identity, calling it a scam. Those...

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How to Get a Loan with a CPN - $250K CPN Loan

How to Get a Loan with a CPN

Loan, despite of its popularity and modernity, can be traced back to thousands and thousands of years ago. It must have always been a part of people’s lives. There have been many kinds of loans introduced to people which include personal loans, house loans, car finance loans and many other forms. Regardless of the types of loan, people find them convenient and useful to their lives because who would not want to acquire something even if they don’t have the money yet?

But if you have become irresponsible and neglect to pay your dues, your bad history is kept on record. And poor credit score prevents you from getting another loan application approved by banks and other monetary institutions. That is why CPN – also known as credit privacy number, consumer profile number, credit profile number or credit protection number – is there and is widely sold by companies: to guarantee consumers a fresh new start in acquiring loans. It gives...
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Free CPN Numbers In 2022 | What Is CPN GURU | CPN GURU Review


hey guys hi everyone today i'm going to show you  how to make free cpn numbers easy and fast actually this is a short  brief introduction of cpn numbers and i'm just going to like  explain it even more to you and this video is a 0  50 6 50 second video and it's uploaded by cpn guru and  yeah we're going to give our credits to him credits to you buddy cpn guru and we  are going to give our own thoughts and opinion about what he's saying what he's  saying to the video so what are you waiting for stay on your seat and keep  on watching keep on listening now i'll play this  video a cpn number is a nine digit number you can use in lieu of your  social security number when applying for credit  so we discussed this one on another video that we use cpn as a social  security and the government can track  you what  bro what are you talking about man asked from other videos that we watched before  it says that the...

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Are CPN Numbers Legal | Is It Illegal To Use A CPN


hi guys hello everyone today we are  going to talk about cpn numbers again and again that cpn numbers are legal  according to the fbi and this video was uploaded by victor williams so credits  to you buddy and we are going to play his video and give her own thoughts and  opinions about his video okay so sit tight and keep on watching i hope that  you stay there and listen until the end of the video so we're going to play the  video  hello my name is bob and in this video i'm going to tell you more about credit  profile numbers also known as cpns a cpn defined by freddie mac is a nine  digit identification number that looks like a social security number or ssn and  may be used in lieu of an ssn for such purposes as obtaining credit  okay so you can use it for credit so it's your credit profile number it can  stand as another substitute for social security and it  can be your id for the country  you have a legal...

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CPN Number Free | Free CPN Number Tools

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2022

CPN Number Free

CPN Numbers are free, CPNGenerator trains you on the appropriate method for making a CPN Numbers the legitimate way. Free CPN numbers are allowed but to many other organizations selling them are tricks and scams. For an individual, the cpn is normally a federal deployed or alloted by the SSA. Governments do not issue CPNs, or any other credit security number. You might see organizations publicizing is a cpn vender, yet it may be a trick. Some conditions to buy a cpn from a site can be tricky, if you need help call use to speak with a live rep at (800) 674-7799 or go to

Some CPN's for Free can lift FICO ratings on your report to get approved. A credit security number is a cpn number. An auxiliary credit number is a cpn number. The genuine tale about cpn or credit profile numbers. They have many names. SCN, CPN, and more. CPN are 9 Digit numbers that are used for credit purposes only. 

Check out this Youtube Video about CPN Number Free and Free...

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3 Alternatives to using CPN numbers

Believe it or not, there are great alternatives to using cpn numbers. read below to see 3 of the top ways to rebuild your credit and avoid using a CPN.

  1. Credit Sweep- Credit Sweeps can come in handy and remove items in as little as 30 Days.
  2. Use a Co-Signer- While your credit is being repaired you can use a Co-Signer to get apartments, cars and more.
  3. Use 3rd party services like Airbnb, Turo, and more to obtain the things you want.

Below are a few ways to report negative items on your report.

our credit rights

First, the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) provides protection for consumers seeking credit repair services. CROA makes it illegal for credit repair companies to lie or misrepresent the scope of their services or to charge you prior to completing the service. According to the FTC, this law requires credit repair companies to explain:

  • Your legal rights in a written contract that details the services they’ll complete
  • Your right to cancel...
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