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How To Get A CPN Number in 2022 : CPN Numbers Made Easy

Do You Want to Know How To Get A CPN Number in 2022?

A good credit score can help you gain ultimate benefits. You can easily apply for a credit card, car loan, or mortgage with a good credit score. However, have you ever wondered what happens if your credit score is low or bad? In this case, the benefits are out of reach for you, and you can't even find a rental apartment easily because a bad credit score will affect your credibility. Of course, no one can trust a person with dubious credibility. 


If you are going through the same problem and want to improve your credit score, this article is the answer to your prayers. All you need is to get a CPN and start a new credit history. 


Our article will guide you from start to finish on how to get a free CPN number. However, before we continue, let's give you a quick overview of a CPN number. 

CPN number


A CPN, also called a credit privacy number, is basically a nine-digit number that is created in the same way as your Social Security number (SSN). Other common names for CPN are credit profile numbers or credit protection numbers.


Many companies sell CPN numbers to disguise your bankruptcy or bad credit history. Among them, a few companies claim that the CPN number they offer can be used as an SSN number when applying for a credit card. This will help you build a new credit history. 


A CPN number is a newly created number that has no history. Therefore, you can use it in various places instead of your SSN. For example, you can buy a car, apply for a home loan, or open a bank account with this newly created CPN number.


Since CPN numbers are only meant to help you with a fake social security number. You can't issue it, and no government agency officially recognizes it. 


Creating a CPN number isn’t a piece of cake as you need to be very careful while creating it. Also, some companies selling CPN numbers charge for the number creation. However, if you want to create the CPN number yourself, this guide will help you get a CPN number within no time. 

How to get a CPN number?


Creating a CPN number is not time-consuming. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to make it within no time.


  • To create a CPN number, you need to select your number first. For picking the number, it is best to Visit: This website will provide you with data regarding the generation and construction of SSNs. Using this website will help you to check if the number you have selected matches your state or not and if no one else is using the same number. In the next step, you will find out about your set number's status. 


  • After opening the website, you can generate the first three digits of your CPN number using the first section. Click on the second drop-down menu "was issued in" so you can select your state. You will find various numbers here, which you will use in further steps. For example, If you type North Dakota as my state, my first prefix range will be 501 to 502.


  • Now move on to the second part to generate the second prefix of your CPN number. Remember, the first prefix will be according to your state, which you have learned earlier how to get it. Now add the first prefix you have selected in the drop-down menu. For example, if your chosen number is 502, select 502 in the drop-down menu "SSN Starting with" and pick the second prefix. 


  • Now start choosing two digits prefix so you can add it on the right side of your first prefix. Keep on choosing until it says "Not Issued" now; for example, if your issued prefix is 78, your partial CPN will be 502-78-XXXX.


  • Now half of your CPN number is generated. The next step will help you generate your complete CPN number. Please keep in mind to write down or save your CPN number somewhere; otherwise, you need to repeat the procedure with a new CPN number which will be pretty challenging.  


  • Now Visit: Here you need to type your partial CPN number. There is no hard and fast rule in choosing the last digits of the CPN number. Just randomly select any four numbers. For example, if you choose 6859, your CPN Number will be 502-78-6859. 


  • The last step is to verify your generated CPN number and whether the number belongs to anyone or not. Enter the final four digits and hit the button to check the availability of the number.  


  • Once verified, you are done with a complete CPN number. After that, you need to add some of your basic information to this file. First, add the address that best fits. Make sure to use an address where you have never received mail or had any bills under your name. Adding such an address is very crucial. If you use the previous address, the credit files could get mixed up; obviously, you don't want that. 


  • Always choose an address near but not too close to your address, and make sure you can easily pick up mail from there. 


  • After adding the address, you need to add a phone number for your CPN. For this, you can use Google voice by visiting or similar apps like TextFree+. Use any app you want to use but likewise address; make sure that the number is not linked to you in any way, or you can end up mixing your credit files.


  • Once done with your address and phone number, it's time to add an email address and obviously, likewise the previous two steps, the emails must not be linked with you. 


  • Once you are finished adding all the basic details, you must add some essential information. This information may include your Annual Income, Time at address, Type of Job, Time on Job, and other related details. However, while filling in all this information, please use the information provided below. 


  • Put annual income from $90,000 plus Your Time at your Current Address is 5 Years 5 Months.


  • Your Type of Job must be Self Employed or Supply the name and address of the employer. Your Time on the Job Is 5 Years and 5 Months. Also, please make sure that you are putting the same information everywhere. 


When you complete all these steps, your new CPN number is created with your basic information. Now you need to tri-merge your above data with the credit bureaus establishing a new credit file. 

Steps For Tri-merging


  • Change your address at your local post office. 



  • Check out Bank of America Home Loans and other loans such as Auto loan, Road loans. 


Doing this will help you merge your information with the credit bureaus and your new credit file will be created where you can add a good credit score. 

However, you need to keep in mind that don’t do anything before 72 hours. You must wait for at least three days before doing anything with your new credit file. 


Once 3 days passed you can follow the following steps to create a good credit score using your noew created CPN number. 


  • Visit and apply for the secured card. You need to spend only $49.00 to get it. However this small investment can help you get that primary line reporting in the next 7-10 days.


  • Also visit - while visiting this website make sure you are using an active email address because your $2500.00 approval goes to the email you put in the application. Now do a little purchase from here as little as 20 usd and you will get a $2500.00 line of credit that reports.


  • Check out and also apply there. 


Visiting these websites will help you in building your profile and identity up for your CPN.


You can also Sign up on the below website to collect rewards cards using your CPN information. 


Since a CPN number is created against an SSn number or it is a secondary credit number for identity protection use there are some limitations as you can’t use this CPN everywhere.



  • This CPN number won’t help you file taxes.
  • Don’t seek government assistance via using this number 
  • A federally insured home loan won’t be applicable on this CPN number.  
  • This CPN number can not be used to register any vehicle. 
  • This number only helps you to protect your social security number from theft while applying for credit.


Benefits Of CPN Numbers


You might find creating a CPN number quite tricky; however, a CPN number has various benefits. 


You can easily apply for credit 


While applying for credit, every detail of yours is countable. Usually, lenders look for good credit scores to get the process started. They will check out every minor detail of yours and make sure they are not wasting time with the wrong individual. So CPN number helps create a good credit score and is suitable for both sides.


The chances of rejection for bad credit scores will be no or less with a CPN number. 


CPN helps you remove bad credit


If you are thinking of applying for a loan but are unsure about your credit score, or you think that your credit score is low and won’t help you in applying for a loan. Using CPN numbers instead can help you protect your identity, and you can apply for a loan with a good credit score.   


You can apply for a home loan (not federally insured)


When a lender gives you a loan, they will ensure you have a good credit score. They will check your SSN, and you can use your CPN or secondary number information instead of using your SSN. So applying for a loan with a CPN number (if it is not federally insured) is easy. 


If you have a bad credit score and want to apply for a job or loan, try to get a new CPN number as soon as possible. The above guide will help you generate a CPN number independently. You can also use different CPN generator tools to develop a personal CPN without involving any third party. 


However, creating a CPN number like this might not bring you good results, but if you buy a CPN number from a recognized and trustworthy company like CPN GENERATOR. You will surely bring in a great deal. 


You will find many CPN sellers in the market but try to buy from a registered company like us. We strive to deliver our customers safe and reliable products while keeping your identity private. Our responsible team will help you generate your 9-digit CPN number. Once you have a new identity, you can work on a good credit score which will help you get loans, jobs, and credit. 

We are a legitimate company with a physical office; if you want, you can visit us and discuss the procedure further. If you don’t want to visit, just leave us an email and some basic information, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

The right loan is around the corner as long as you have the CPN in hand and remain patient.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a bad credit history and you want to hide it from all, apply for your CPN number with us and get started now.

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