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Check CPN Number

Check CPN Number

A CPN (Credit Privacy Number or Credit Protection Number) is usually marketed as a solution to bad credit or as a way to keep your Social Security number private. And, it sounds convincing.

Other sources say that celebrities, high-level executives, and government officials use CPNs to protect their Social Security numbers since their identities have many assets attached to them.

The argument seems valid. A CPN will limit the number of people who have access to your Social Security number. And, a new number generated by the Social Security Administration will have no credit history.

If you want to check if your CPN Number is active or can be used as a CPN, go to CPNGenerator.

Protecting Yourself from CPN Scams

This answer is short: the best way to avoid a CPN scam is to not buy a CPN

However, if you purchase a CPN and use it instead of your Social Security number to buy a car or get a loan, you may or may be committing Social Security fraud.

If the CPN number you purchased is a Social Security number that belongs to someone else and you use it for anything, that's Social Security fraud. Social Security fraud is a crime with serious penalties.

If you get a CPN that is just a random 9-digit number, it may not be a crime to use it. But, it will be useless.

There are ways to repair your credit. And, you don't have to give out your Social Security number to anyone if you don't want to.

So, anyway, there is no gain for a CPN.

However, if you're a business, there's another problem with CPN numbers: People give them to you instead of their Social Security numbers.

Check CPN Number

If you collect Social Security numbers from clients as a business matter, a CPN can present a real headache.

When someone gives you a CPN number instead of their Social Security number, you won't know until the application is denied by the bank or the credit check fails.

It's much easier to quickly verify a Social Security number before sending the information to an outside agency. A CPN will appear as an invalid social security number because it is not a social security number.

If it's someone else's Social Security number, it will likely show up as belonging to a deceased person. Or, the year of issue may not coincide with the individual's birthday.

That way, you can check the CPN number and correct the problem or denial of service before you go through the hassle of submitting any paperwork.

Most of the time, you'll be able to get a real Social Security number and correct the problem on the spot. People who have been scammed into buying CPN are not scammers. They have just been stupid. So, they will usually cooperate.

If you suspect someone is using someone else's SSN check here at ssn-verify, but the Social Security number is valid and the date of issue matches the person's birthday, you can do a reverse Social Security lookup to find out to whom the Social Security number belongs.

Conclusion: Ultimately, whether you are a business or a consumer, CPN is not legal. So, avoid them at all costs. And, use Cpngenerator to check Social Security Numbers or find out who owns a Social Security number before submitting any paperwork with the SSN.

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